ABA Exam Blueprint

Please note that this blueprint is simply a list of topics you will most likely encounter on the exam. This does not necessarily correspond to the table of contents for the ACAT Prep Course offered by the National Society of Accountants.

PRACTICE 1: Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation, Presentation and Reporting
100 Questions

• Accounting Principles and Pronouncements
• Record Setup
• Accounting Cycle
• Cash vs. Accrual
• Revenue Recognition
• Adjusting, Reversing, Closing Entries and Error Correction
• Worksheet Preparation
• Financial Statement Preparation and Presentation
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Statement of Cash Flows and Analysis
Supplemental Information
• Accounting for Cash and Equivalents
• Accounts and Notes Receivable
• Investments
• Inventories
• Property and Equipment—Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization
• Intangible Assets—Amortization
• Current Liabilities and Long-Term Liabilities
• Stockholder's Equity
• Payroll
• Accounting for Leases
• Accounting for Pensions
• Engagement Letters
• Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting
Statement of Changes in Equity
• Working Capital Changes
• Statement and Ratio Analysis
• Cash Flow Analysis

PRACTICE 2: Taxation, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, Ethics
100 Questions

Business Consulting Services- 17 Questions
• Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
• Department Analysis
• Time Value of Money
• Capital Budgeting
• Capital Investment Analysis
• Budgets
• Managerial Decisions
• Provide Cash Flow Planning Services- Cash Budgeting
• Evaluating Internal Controls Systems
• Evaluating Investments/Business Opportunities
• Identify Employee Benefit Plans

Business Law: 18 questions 
• Property Law
• Contracts
• Uniform Commercial Code
• Agency
• Partnerships
• Limited Liability Entities
• Corporations
• Trusts

Taxation: 56 questions
• Filing Considerations 
• Accounting Methods
• Inclusion in/Exclusion from Income
• Adjustments to Income
• Itemized Deductions
• Sole Proprietorship, Self-Employment, and Rental Activity
• Taxation of Investments and Planning
• Income Tax Credits
• Special Tax Computations
• Taxation of Partnerships

Taxation of Corporations

Taxation of S-Corporations
• Taxation of Fiduciaries
• Taxation of Estates
Taxation of Limited Liability Entities
• Self-Employment Issues
• Divorce Issues
• Independent Contractor/Employee Issues
• Non-Profit Tax Returns

Ethics and Professional Conduct: 9 questions 

• General Knowledge
• Practice Procedures

Additional Information:
Review the ABA Candidate Handbook