Featured ACAT Spotlight: Linda Smith

 A brief bio.

I truly surprised everyone at my first 10 year high school reunion when I mentioned I owned my own Tax, Accounting & Representation firm. I had always struggled with math and was even tutored by another classmate during my junior year-guess she did a good job-it just stuck. Once I began my college studies I discovered I had a real passion for this profession and 38 years later, I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

It has been a dream of mine to be able to explore Alaska. 20 years later I finally made it. Last year my husband and I took a month to drive through the great state. We went as far south as Homer Spit and as far north as the Arctic Circle-over 2, 000 miles. What better way to commemorate such a trip than by kissing a moose. Ha.

Why did I initially decide to earn the ACAT credential? What are the benefits of earning a credential?

I had an opportunity to see the ACAT materials and was very impressed as to the depth of information. I knew then it was something that not only would expand my knowledge in the Accounting and Tax arena but allow me to offer more services. I don’t believe you should ever become complacent with your education. This is a fast moving world (very different from when I first started) and you should continually expand your knowledge.


How do you promote the ACAT credentials or other credentials?

I make sure all of my credentials are displayed proudly in my office and listed on my website as well as any marketing materials I may have. I have worked hard for my credentials, they are not just initials after my name, and I want everyone to know and understand what they mean and how I apply that knowledge to help my clients.  I believe this is what sets us apart. In addition to the ABA & ATA, I am an Enrolled Agent, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), Florida Supreme Court certified family, circuit/civil, county mediator (CFR) and a Daily Money Manager (DMM).


What's one piece of advice you'd give someone just starting out:

The philosophy my dad gave me.
"Never promise what you can't deliver, and always deliver what you promise."


Describe your most interesting accounting or tax moment in 10 words or less:

 My family will tell you I can't say anything in 10 words or less-not even this. ha.


After the numbers are crunched what do you do to unwind?

A very long (seafood) dinner on the beach with my husband. Usually, my 4 year old grandson has other plans since he doesn't see me much especially during tax season.


Favorite IRS publication.

I prefer the many newsletters and publications I receive from all the various memberships I belong to.