ABA Prep

ACAT Step 2

ABA Prep Course

The ABA Prep Course Part 1 and Part 2 are sold in book, or PDF format. Each part includes chapters of reference materials and review questions with answers and explanations. Courses and can be purchased individually or as a set.

Part 1: Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Preparation, Presentation and Reporting - Course Sample 
Part 2: Business Consulting Services, Taxation, Business Law and Ethics - Course Sample

Book purchases include:
Spiral Bound book

PDF purchases include:

  • Offline Access – bookmark the web link so you can retrieve it again when you're in offline mode or airplane mode.
  • Highlighting Tool – ‘Draw free shape’ or ‘Highlight selected text’ options
  • Notes Tool – Every note you create will be saved and you can return to the page where your note is.
  • Search – Search for any text that you wish to find in the document and, if the word exists, it will take you to each place where the word appears.
  • Language – Change the language of the web viewer toolbars and messages from English to French; other languages will be added in the future.
All PDF purchases allow 1 user to access the PDF for 2 years, using a username and password assigned after purchase. All PDFs are non-shareable and cannot be printed.