Maintaining ACAT Credentials

Maintain Your Credential

ACAT Credential Holders Must Meet Three (3) Requirements to Maintain Credentials:

1. Payment of annual renewal fees

Each year, a renewal fee is due to maintain your credentials. Your renewal fees are due by June 30th each year.

One Credential:      $99
Two Credentials:    $149
Three Credentials: $189
Four Credentials:   $229

2. Compliance with ACAT's mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements

The basic and most important principle for accreditation by ACAT is the commitment to an ongoing program of continuing professional education. Individuals holding an ACAT credential must earn CPE and report credits every three years. For detailed information regarding continuing education requirements, classes and proration: click here.

Keep track of your CPE and download the ACAT Continuing Professional Education Diary. The end of the next three-year reporting CPE cycle is June 30, 2020.

More information on the purpose and rationale for CPE can be found here.

3. Adherence to ACAT's Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct

ACAT has a Code of Ethics all credentialed professionals are required to abide by. Our Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct is among the highest standards of practice in the financial and taxation profession. The Code is a written commentary on the ideals of high professional standards the Accreditation Council expects of every credentialed individual. Compliance with this standard of professional integrity is required of all those with accreditation.