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It's time to renew your ACAT credential!   

ACAT renewal fees are due June 30th annually and are accepted until August 31. Renewals received after June 30th late fees apply.

Renewals received after June 30 $25 late fee
Renewals received after July 31 $50 late fee
As of September 1  must reinstate

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Report Your CPE with Your 2020 Renewal

ACAT requires CPE reporting every three years. The current cycle ends 6/30/20 which means it’s time to confirm you’ve met the ACAT CPE requirements for your credentials over the last three years with your renewal.

Hours of CPE required per credential:

Accreditation in Accountancy (ABA): 120 hours of CPE during each three-year cycle. 
Accredited Tax Preparer (ATP): 72 hours of CPE during each three-year cycle. 
Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA): 90 hours of CPE during each three year cycle.
Accredited Retirement Advisor (ARA): 
72 hours of CPE during each three year cycle.

Credential holders who have more than one credential need to have total hours of CPE for the credential with the highest requirement - not the combined number of hours. 

For a more detailed breakdown of CPE hour requirements click here.

Did you earn your credential between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2020?  Check the CPE Proration schedule for the requirements.    
Keep track of your CPE and download the ACAT Continuing Professional Education Diary.  

ACAT Candidate Handbook.